Ring Sizing Guide

Measuring your ring size can be tricky and frustrating, so I will list a few tips here, but be assured that if you receive a ring that doesn’t fit the way you want, you can send it back and a new one can be made for you. Until we find the perfect fit :)

A few things to keep in mind when measuring: 

Your finger size will change throughout each day. Your fingers will tend to be larger in the evenings and can be affected by temperature, hydration and more. Therefore it’s a good idea to take multiple measurements throughout the day and calculate the average. Said that, the ring size you choose should feel comfortable in the evening (when your finger is more likely to be larger). 

If you’re purchasing a ring with a band wider than 5mm (MOST of Arkaika Rings!) then you will require a larger size. You should go up half a size in the US sizing scale. 

If you have larger knuckles don’t forget that you’ll need the ring to slide over your knuckle without too much difficulty.


  • Getting a ring sizer: Very inexpensive and reusable, it’s just a google search away. 
  • Measure from a ring you already have: If you've got a ring that fits you perfectly, this is a great way to find out your ring size. The best measurement to use as a reference would be the Inner Diameter, and compare it in the chart below. 
  • A quick (but risky) method: Cut a strip of sturdy but flexible paper, at least 5mm wide. Wrap it around your finger where you would normally wear a ring. Mark the spot where the paper meets. Measure the length of the paper, that will be your circumference to compare on the size chart. To double check accuracy, tape the paper and see if it’s likely to fit over your knuckle. 

Ring Size Conversion Chart Table 

Inside Diameter Circumference US size UK  size
15 mm 46.8 mm 4 H
15.3 mm 48 mm 4.5 I
15.6 mm 49.3 mm 5 J
16.2 mm 50.6 mm 5.5 K
16.6 mm 51.9 mm 6 L
16.9 mm 53.1 mm 6.5 M
17.2 mm 54.4 mm 7 N
17.8 mm 55.7 mm 7.5 O
18.1 mm 57 mm 8 P
18.5 mm 58.3 mm 8.5 Q
19.1 mm 59.5 mm 9 R
19.4 mm 60.8 mm 9.5 S
19.7 mm 62.1 mm 10 T
20.4 mm 63.4 mm 10.5 U
20.7 mm 64.6 mm 11 V
21.0 mm 65.9 mm 11.5 W
21.6 mm 67.2 mm 12 X
22.0 mm 68.5 mm 12.5 Y
22.3 mm 69.7 mm 13 Z
22.9 mm 71 mm 13.5 Z+2
23.2 mm 72.3 mm 14 Z+3
23.6 mm 73.6 mm 14.5 Z+4
24.0 mm 74.8 mm 15 Z+5