Ethical Jewellery

Arkaika will do all it can to be a sustainable entity,
for this generations and those to come 

We will not create products considered “fast fashion” 

We will create custom pieces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but that are also durable, age gracefully, and hold a story behind them  

Other than using ethically sourced stones and crystals, Arkaika produces its own brass. Brass is an alloy that is made with approximately three parts Copper and one part Zinc. Our copper is 100% recycled from electrical scraps, and we are currently working on finding a source for recycled Zinc.   
Our Sterling Silver is also 100% recycled: either purchased from sustainable companies, or given in by customers. 
Did you know you can commission a piece of jewellery by sending us your unwanted silver and gold? We will remove the cost of metal from the price and you can have the peace of mind for not having contributed to any more mining.    
All orders are posted in 100% recycled/recyclable boxes and packaging.