Ethical Jewellery

At Arkaika, our commitment to sustainability transcends time, embracing the well-being of current and future generations. We stand firmly against the fast-fashion trend, opting instead to create bespoke pieces that not only captivate the eye but also stand the test of time, gracefully evolving with the wearer while holding a meaningful narrative.

Studio Practices

In our pursuit of sustainability, we prioritize ethical sourcing of stones and crystals while taking a hands-on approach to materials. Arkaika Artefacts proudly manufactures its own brass—an alloy composed of approximately three parts copper and one part zinc. Our copper is sourced exclusively from 100% recycled electrical scraps, and we are actively seeking sustainable sources for recycled zinc.

Our sterling silver is equally eco-conscious, sourced either from reputable sustainable suppliers or contributed by our customers. Did you know that you can commission a jewelry piece by sending us your unused silver and gold? We deduct the metal cost from the price, allowing you to contribute to a greener world by avoiding new mining endeavors.

In our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint, we ship all orders in 100% recycled and recyclable boxes and packaging. Arkaika Artefacts is dedicated to not only crafting distinctive pieces but also leading the charge in sustainable practices that reflect our respect for both artistry and the environment.